WP Buffs is the right choice for a WordPress maintenance provider!

WP Buffs is the right choice

Having a successful WordPress website is an excellent achievement for any person who has an online presence. However, simply having a WordPress site is only a fraction of what you need to do. It is essential to select a great WordPress maintenance company to ensure continued success. This is because things could go wrong with your site at any time, and not having a trusted company to help could be detrimental in many ways.

This is because a WordPress management and maintenance company can handle the technical aspects of making sure your website always works. One example of a great WordPress maintenance company is WP Buffs. They have a strong reputation for excellence, and they are one of the top choices for most WordPress users. Therefore, WP Buffs should be one of the first companies you look into when selecting a WordPress maintenance provider.

What they offer

WP Buffs offers many different services useful for your WordPress site. One of those most common services is speed optimization. 24/7 website edits, managing your security, and the all-important backups. These are just a few of the services they offer. They essentially have everything a person could need to manage their WordPress site.

They also offer free resources to users. For example, they have an eBook that you can download to educate you on WordPress security. If you’re still not convinced that WP Buffs is the best option, they have many testimonials from customers on their site. This allows you to get a sense of the customer experience without creating a plan or committing in any way. 


They have three main categories for their services. The first is the maintenance group. This includes fundamental things such as weekly reports, updates for plugins and themes, emergency support, and a few other valuable WordPress maintenance items.

The next group of coverage is called protect. This level contains all services from the maintenance plan but adds unlimited 24/7 updates, security optimization, more cloud backups, and it adds iThmes security pro. When billed yearly, it can be purchased for $147 per month or $123 per month.

The third group is called perform. As the name suggests, this level adds more performance help. It has everything to maintain and protect, but it also adds priority support, WP Smuch, Pro premium plugin, more cloud backups, etc. This is the most expensive option at $197 per month and $164 per month if you pay yearly instead of monthly.

WP Buffs also offer both custom plans as well as an Enterprise option. These are for people who manage many websites and perhaps have particular needs.

Why WP Buff?

Why They Are The Best

WP Buffs is the best because of the experience they offer. From the beginning of the process, the employees at WP Buffs make it their goal to make setting up an account as easy as possible. They allow you to schedule a private call to ask questions, there is an online chat feature, and their website is super detailed.

They are also the best because the team at WP Buffs are WordPress experts. This means they have been trained in all areas of WordPress and that, unlike other companies, this is specifically what they do. WP Buffs is not a general online maintenance company; they work only with WordPress.

Conclusion – Great Choices For a WordPress Maintenance Provider

WP Buffs has been around for quite some time now. They have a long history of helping people with the maintenance of their WordPress sites in every capacity. They realize that WordPress maintenance does not have a one-size-fits-all approach, so they have plans that would work well for anyone or any website created with WordPress.