The World’s Most Popular WordPress Theme Plugins

There are many great WordPress themes out there for users to choose from. Some of them are great, some not so much. One way to judge is by reputation, directly related to longtime and established popularity. So, which are the World’s Most Popular WordPress Theme Plugins? First, let us run you through the three most popular WordPress Theme Plugins around. They are not only highly reliable, but they also happen to be the three most popular WordPress themes. They are Divi theme, Astra, and Avada. Each of these options brings something different to the table that makes them attractive to potential users, so that this article will serve as a comparison between the three.

Divi page builder

Divi Theme Builder

Divi is known as the ultimate WordPress Theme and visual page builder. It is not only a theme, but it is a complete design framework. This allows users to design their websites thoroughly. Elegant Themes created it, and you can download it through the WordPress Dashboard. Divi has the distinction of being the most popular WordPress Themes.

The best way to think of Divi is to separate the interface from your usual WordPress post editor. This is great because it gives users more room to create and shows them a more accurate representation of their site once they publish it.

Some popular features of Divi are the ability to build visually; it has a library of layouts, significant special effects, bulk editing, and shape dividers. Divi is drag and drop website building at its best, and it even gives the user custom CSS control. Divi is excellent for just about everyone who is a bit more technologically inclined. It works well for freelancers, agencies, and website owners. This is because it is a very flexible platform, and they have modules for every purpose. There are even over 100 complete website packs that people can choose to make starting your site even more accessible. These packs are divided into various categories.

Astra page builder


Astra is another of the top three of the most popular WordPress themes. It is known for being one of the best options for people with little to no experience with website building and coding. This is because Astra is a fully-fledged WordPress theme that is also completely customizable. This means that you can use this theme, select a great template, and have a complete website that is professional and eye-catching.

With Astra, you get access to prebuilt websites, you can customize your site without coding, and the performance is fast. In addition, Astra is the most lightweight theme for WordPress. Astra also has what is known as the best header footer builder for WordPress. This is especially important for people who want to have design control over the fine details of their site.

When using Astra, you can combine it with other great plugins like the world’s most trusted restore plugin, UndraftPlus. The plugin is an excellent addon to Astra, and you can often get it with a UpdraftPlus Coupon code and save a bit of money.

Astra Theme For Free

While Astra is free, and the website promises that there will always be a free option, most people agree that you will want the pro version if you build a professional website. However, you can find coupon codes for Astra online to make your annual subscription cheaper. Astra also supports WooCommerce Integration.

Astra theme is one of the World’s Most Popular WordPress Theme Plugins and a great choice. Unfortunately, the Astra theme pro version is not cheap but check out great offers.

Avada page builder


Another option for anyone looking for a website builder is Avada. It is known as the industry standard for WordPress and WooCommerce. Avada is also the number one selling them in the ThemeForest marketplace. This is the perfect option for a person when building a website but does not have the coding skills required to use something like Divi. Avada has premade websites designed to be multipurpose and includes many features, page templates, and customization settings. This allows the user to create just about any website with one package.

Some of the main features of Avada are its drag and drop page builder, a vast library of content to insert, many prebuilt websites and page templates, it supports video backgrounds, and supports most popular plugins and WooCommerce.

The downside that many Avada reviews have pointed out is that sometimes many customizable settings and graphics can cause you to go overboard. This means that if you choose Avada as your WordPress theme builder, it is essential that you experiment slowly. In addition, it would help if you did not become tempted to make a lot of changes all at once. This is, of course, unless you have a design in mind that requires a great deal of customizing.

Conclusion – The World’s Most Popular WordPress Theme Plugins

These three WordPress page builders, Divi, Astra, and Avada, are excellent options and have created millions of stunning websites, portfolios, online businesses, etc. However, the best one for you depends on your prior experience and the amount of time you devote to building your new website. Divi would probably not be your choice if you are not technologically inclined, and you would want either Astra or Avada. If you wish to options but don’t want to be inodiated, you would choose Astra. If you happen to be a person who wants complete control over your design without the need to code, Avada is your third-best option.