Guide: How to Create a Clickable Div

The div is an essential semantics-free and generic element in the world of technology. You can use it all the time for your different CSS tasks, as it provides a stylish hook. This hook comes without affecting or impacting the other meaning. These elements provide different kinds or types of fantastic positioning to provide your HTML with the appropriate structure.

Many individuals consider inserting links in the elements or using it as a clickable. The clickable version offers the best benefits and ease of use. Read through this article to get an insight into creating a clickable Div. You can see examples of how we used on these three websites:, and

Use an Onclick Event Handler to Create a Clickable Div

The anchor is a vital displayed inline element. With the elements not clickable by default, you can make them clickable with these stand-alone block elements. The element emits an event handler to allow users to click on this element. This handler accepts the JavaScript expression or Function to precede the Function. When you click on the elements, the JavaScript program executes various expressions or functions at the time.

Use the JavaScript and HTML Code to Create the Div Clickable

Experts reveal that JavaScript and its frameworks are the common way to create the clickable by linking a specific function call to the handler. This event handler must be present in your HTML code. After linking to the holder, you can write the JavaScript code function definition.

Therefore, the handler will perform the functions the argument on the element requires after clicking on it. Many individuals prefer this technique over the entire JavaScript, as it shows proper HTML binding.

Using the Pure JavaScript to Create Clickable

It’s another pure JavaScript-based approach to making clickable. You’ll have to find the intended HTML elements using appropriate methods like document.querySelectorAll (), document.getElementById (), etc. Experts advise that you use ‘document.getElementById ()’ as it offers a unique HTML.

You can now proceed to attach the handler to the element to execute the Div click. It’s one of the effective ways to create a clickable Div. Remember, with this technique, you’ll only bind the handler through pure JavaScript without any trace of HTML mapping.

Adding a Conditional Click to the Div

You can also consider triggering the click conditionally. The triggering involves voluntarily adding a conditional click to the element. You can incorporate JavaScript and HTML to make the  clickable. Ensure that you add the || sign after the JavaScript and HTML expressions based on your requirements.

When using JavaScript, it executes the click based on how the procedure’s boolean expression evaluates the process. Remember, JavaScript will only execute the particular Function if it gets the true evaluation. It’ll be wise to consider the right codes and number of clicks to get the best returns.

Having Features in the Clickable Div

Remember, even after adding a click listener to the ; you can still add an element to make it clickable. After adding the feature, most users will not understand whether the element has user interactions. Therefore, it’s vital to use the appropriate CSS style to add these features.

Using the procedures to make the cursor icon using the pointer

Experts advise that it’s a key UX or UI practice that provides the user that the HTML element is actionable or clickable. Remember, you can also achieve the process with JavaScript, which helps add more styles to the particular element.

Anchoring the Element Functionality Using a Clickable Div

Alternatively, you can use to mimic the anchor element. tags have a special attribute, hrefs, that helps to create a special hyperlink. Therefore, you apply the same behaviors on the  clickable div to allow you to link the functions and capture the click in your HTML code. You can also use this technique to create links on your or make it clickable for your users.

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Final Thoughts

The element is common in Javascript and HTML to help you achieve various functions, such as navigation control. However, it’ll be wise to understand how to create these clickable elements to achieve the best functionality. Above is a guide on the appropriate approaches to creating a clickable Div. Choosing the right methods that suit your needs will be good and provide the best end-user results.