What is the funnel of Facebook marketing?

If you are thinking of starting a campaign to promote a product or service, you must be clear about the main objective and the sales process that you want users to experience; and this can be established through a Facebook marketing funnel. But what is a Facebook Funnel? It is a process that allows you to define the path that a person must travel from when they first see your products until they make their purchase decision, and they become your customer.

This is for use to the proper messages that interest users at divergent stages of the take the procedure to convince them to finally convert.

Without a sales funnel, it is not the same as the great sales power of Facebook. We log into Facebook to be entertained, not to products buying they have no thought of. A funnel of Facebook ads is designed to generate demand, reminding the needs of users. For standing out from all the publications and achieve the conversions you are looking for a sales funnel on Facebook will help you.

To help you in this process, we prepared some tips and solutions with Facebook for each of the four stages of the funnel which you can adapt according to your needs, objectives, and industry. Join us on the tour!


This is the first stage of this funnel of Facebook sales, the beginning, and where it is time to publicize your brand, attract the largest number of users and begin to know more about their interests.

Build and define the custom audience you want to target, taking advantage of our segmentation options. And the possibilities of creating different audience targeting, based on the bases you already have or similar to these.

Target people with compelling and impactful formats. Use Stories Ads and Video Ads to grab your audience’s attention. Focus your creative’s on generating awareness, making your brand and your products known, and the needs that you can cover with them. Use Facebook advertising to be able to identify the online behavior of those who showed interest in your brand, which will be of great help to reach them again in later stages of the funnel.

To publicize its new brand image and achieve greater affinity with its existing customers, Brahma created vertical videos of 11 seconds in length, designed for the Feed and Stories of Facebook and Instagram. With different creative’s that highlighted the new logo and packaging of the product. In this way, the beer brand managed to increase the memory of the advertisement. And the audience’s identification with the brand by 7 points.


Now that people know about your product or service and advertising strategies, the next step is to make sure they consider it when choosing. At this stage is where the funnel becomes narrower and where you define which users will become customers and which ones will not. Never forget that your digital marketing strategy must be aimed at buyers that are why leads from interested people will be the protagonists of this second phase.

Use Lead Ads to get more leads from potential customers, who you can contact in the next stage to finalize the purchase. If you installed the Facebook Pixel in the previous stage, you can implement a retargeting strategy to re-reach people who already showed interest in your brand. Either by interacting with your ads, visiting your website, or have abandoned your shopping cart. Purchase. In turn, you can continue to increase your audience if you create an audience similar to the one you already built in the previous step.

Highlight in your creative’s the virtues of your product or service, and remind them of the benefits they can obtain if they acquire it. Take advantage of the Instant Experience format to provide more information about them in an immersive and interactive way.


At this stage, it is where you reach sales and new customers, so your strategy should focus on giving people the last push to make their purchases, directing as much traffic as possible to your e-commerce or physical store.

Use Collection Ads, Sequence Ads, and Shopping on Instagram to display your product catalog, and lead people to purchase directly and easily. Focus creative’s on your offer and incentivizes people with inviting calls to action. Keep in mind that Facebook and Instagram solutions can help you maximize the sales of all your channels, whether online or offline.

Based on the metrics obtained with the Facebook Pixel, to target an audience interested in acquiring its cards, to increase its pre-approved customer base. With Video Ads redirecting to the website where interested persons directly accessed a purchase form for the product.


Increasing your sales is just the beginning: now you must retain the people who have already bought so that their purchases become recurring. And why not, ambassadors of your brand suggest you to their fellows and acquaintances, and thus continue to expand your sales.

Use the Custom Audiences tool to run a retargeting campaign focused on customers who have already made a purchase. Offer complementary products to those they have previously purchased in your ads. For this, Dynamic Ads you can use and highlight new incentives for your clients in the creative’s for continuing to trust the brand.

Keep up the conversation with your engagement audience, establishing direct contact through Messenger or WhatsApp to answer their questions, or attend to their needs. 


With this new solution of the marketing funnel, we have been able to reduce the average response time to a customer question by 12 times, and achieve 250 times greater efficiency in customer engagement compared to engagement from email. The aim of this funnel should be mostly at Facebook users, even if you have already for your website another funnel. Through this marketing funnel, the objective is to attract the user’s attention and nourish it with information during its different stages -recognition, consideration, action, and loyalty-, until generating a demand that ends in sales. In short, this Facebook marketing funnel method is very important to boost your marketing strategy.


How do I create a funnel on Facebook?

Ready to start building your sales funnel on Facebook? Follow these steps:

  1. Create awareness
  2. Face your weak points and overcome problems
  3. Offer an incentive for immediate purchases

What are funnels in marketing?

The funnel in marketing is a process divided into different phases that the marketing team of a company carries out, which ranges from the moment a marketing action is launched.

Do funnels really work?

Yes, funnels in marketing really work.