What is a digital real estate agency?

The business world has been constantly evolving through time, keeping up with the advancements in technology. 

This is also true for real estate businesses. Digital methods and innovations made its market grow even more, thus paving the way for digitalized real estate to emerge.

Digital Real Estate Defined

Simply put, digital real estate is still a type of property investment. The only difference is that you are making transactions online, but you can still let the property you bought increase in value before reselling it. A great example is Open Door.

These “properties” range from websites and domains, to concrete ones as well, such as houses. In this article, we are going to talk about the latter. 

Sites or apps make it easier for a potential buyer to find a house property online; search, browse, click. 

Digitalization of Estate Agencies 

We live in a period wherein almost everything can be found and done on the Internet. This recent development of the estate business opened a lot of opportunities, both for sellers and consumers.

There are various kinds of digital agencies. Some are fully digitalized wherein clients have to do tours or viewings themselves, while some employ agents to handle customer service and make it easier to understand the processes.

Some of the advantages of this form of marketing are convenience and transparency. Buyers and investors themselves can make comparisons and, as a result, select the best one for them even before they can talk with an agent. 

People doing researches independently means that buyers are better informed and therefore have a better idea about which goes just within their budget, and sellers are more consistent with how much their properties are worth.

Consequently, in this digital era, a real estate agent acts as a bridge between a buyer and a property but does not have a direct impact on the decision, allowing the buyer to choose. 

How these Agencies Help

Digital estate agencies support and give people platforms for them to have a bigger chance of landing an investment or purchase. They help people to sell their properties for less while giving possible clients more clarity.

For sellers, here are some forms of services that agencies can provide:

  • Include the property and good photos of it on their website, making it easier for potential buyers to see it
  • Aside from detailed information, they can provide interactive maps and virtual tours
  • Boost exposure through advertisements
  • Have an agent to work for you through negotiations
  • Assist you with the needed paperwork 

A fitting example of this is BRIKK, a digital real estate agency founded in Denmark, which currently has more than 500 listed and sold properties not too long after it was launched. They give their clients service packages to choose from.

Getting their full service means that they would also arrange the documents, promote the property to established aggregator websites, and even do campaigns for them. As a result, the seller’s market would grow considerably larger. They’re a great choice if you want to purchase an apartment or house in Copenhagen.

Role of Agents in the Digital Market

While the internet is abundant with information, consumers generally still require assistance in navigating the process.

It’s clear that while they are adapting to these advancements, most would still appreciate the guidance of an agent to keep the discussions organized and save them as much time as possible.

Their familiarity with making transactions goes above and beyond the confines of the Internet. Having an agency to support you in negotiations give you higher chances of succeeding in closing the best possible deal for your asset. 

Combining the agent’s skills and the convenience of the digital world takes real estate business to a whole new level.