How to Create a Lightbox Contact Form in HTML

Do you want to know how to create a lightbot contact form in HTML? If so, then you come to the right place. Using a lightbox contact form increases the chance of getting more leads and clients by making it easier to keep in touch with you over the net. In this guide, we will show you how to create a lightbox contact form in HTML. 

What is a Lightbox Contact Form? 

A lightbox contact form is a window overlay, which pops up over a page, blocking some of your content and disabling and dimming the rest of the background. This contact form makes sure a web visitor can’t interact with other web content until they take action- it can be by filling in the pop up, clicking a button as well as exiting out of it. The lightbox contact form can appear on any part of the home screen; however, it often popups in the middle. 

Why Create Lightbox Contact Form?

Lightbox contact form is useful for many good reasons. First, it eliminates all the distractions on a web page and clearly shows visitors what they must do next. You can click anywhere outside of the form to close it. Normally, you can click the X button, which appears when floating your mouse; you can also click the text that comes out of the button too. These choices make a lightbox contact form a less frustrating option than other forms of popups. 

What is most vital is having the contact form be relevant to your visitors and the why they go to your page or site. A promo code on a service page is the best example. Putting an email signup form on your blog post is effective and very common. You know your posts are unique and helpful, so you put a contact form that asks the reader to register for more unique and valuable content. 

Used of Lightbox Contact Form 

It is a wise idea for owners of small businesses to include a contact form on the contact page and an HTML pop up. This is because you can provide readers a fastest way to keep in touch with you without the need to navigate away from your page, which they are on. 

Lightbox contact can also be used for: 

Contact Information: Get further details concerning the readers by acquiring their personal information and contact number. 

Feedback: Collect feedback by requesting comments and feedbacks or even making a survey.

Subscription: Build an email newsletter list by making it simple and straightforward to subscribe with one click of a link. 

Now that you were already familiar with the importance of using and creating a Lightbox contact form, let us now proceed to make one. 

How to Make a Lightbox Contact Form in HTML

Anyone can make a lightbox contact form from scratch. However, you have to familiarize yourself with HTML, JavaScript, and CSS (or you can use the support of WYSIWYG HTML Editor like TinyMCE). No developers can locate tools to make the process easier, so they do not have to press a single line of code to make a custom lightbox contact form for the website. 

The process of making a lightbox contact form differs; it all depends on the third party tools or web building platform you are using. Below is a simple and easy-to-understand process for making one if you are using HTML. 

Download the contact form which suits best your requirements and then customize as needed

Simple contact form with three importance fields: Name, Email, and Message

Features of Lightbox Contact Form 

  • Easy to personalize and customize
  • Standard compliant (100% XHTML 1.0 strict validated, uses CSS)
  • Hosted on a web server
  • Ajax submission 

Installing the Lightbox Contact Form 

  • Unzip the recently downloaded contact form cord
  • Edit contact.php and then the email add to your own email add. 
  • It should be like this: $formproc->AddRecipient(‘[email protected]’);//<<—Put your email address here
  • Upload your folder content to your site ( to sub-folder say, / contact)
  • See the a-page.php page for an example of including a link or a button to the lightbox contact form.  
  • Integrate the file popup-contactform.php at the star of the php file
  • Connect the style file popup-contact.ccs in the <head> section of your web page
  • PHP integrates contactform-code.php at the end of the php file, and it must appear like this ( <body> and </body>)
  • You can use the code below to open the contact form on pressing a link: <a href=’javascript:fg_popup_form(“fg_formContainer”,”fg_backgroundpopup”);’>Contact us</a>

How to Customize your Lightbox Contact FormĀ 

You can alter the style of your contact form by editing

You can include any extra form fields to the lightbox contact form. This field will instantly come into view in the type of submission emails. 

For validations, the script makes use of the JavaScript validation library. You can put in extra client-side validation with the use of a similar library. Please check documentation by clicking JavaScript form validation library).

You can add server-side validation in the file include/fgcontactform.php’ Validate() function.

 Not to Popup or Popup

While many contact forms are intrusive and annoying, others can assist user experience and at the same time boost sales or leads. Like for instance, Lightbox popups can assist in drawing the visitor’s eye to vital offers or information- it doesn’t matter if it is an email signup, discount code, or content upgrade. You just need to ensure to follow the design guidelines of the website when setting the design, copy as well as the timing of the popups. 

How to Use Lightbox Contact Form Very Well 

  • Make sure to highlight the perks of signing up or joining the list.
  • Provide an enticing reward or incentive such as a promo code or access to exclusive content for people who signup. 
  • Ensure that it is simple to X out of the lightbox contact form to make the most of the annoyance factor for web visitors. 
  • Try various lightbox copy, locations, times to know what works best on varying pages. 


Lightbox contact form will assists you collect vital details from users or visitors. It will provide you useful feedback, concepts from the uses to grow your company/business. 

We’ve witnessed the pros and cons of having or creating a lightbox contact form. We have seen lots of details concerning the process, an essential requirement to include a contact form in an HTML or website. 

The tips we have included above will reduce your hard work and stress to create a 

HTML lightbox contact for your application. It’s a considered a basic solution for you, most especially if you like to use a medium to interact with your future clients or website users.