The best NFT calendars

A NFT Calendar is a list that informs you about all the upcoming NFT drops on all blockchains. With the minting and selling knowledge base growing in the industry, the NFT calendar can help you with all the upcoming launches and events taking place in the industry so that you don’t miss out on anything important.

The calendar highlights the releases from both popular and lesser-known artists who launch their collections on various marketplaces and platforms. Here is the best NFT calendar you can refer to learn about the upcoming NFT collection. 

NFT Scout is the best NFT calendar

NFT Scout is the best NFT calendar, it’s the easiest way to find high-quality NFT projects before they even hit the OpenSea platform. This NFT space holds a massive promise for the future especially in this noise which is making it difficult to locate the best NFTs to invest in. the platform helps people navigate through the NFT space for avoiding the most common pitfalls and also direct attention towards those projects that have the biggest upside.    

When you first enter the NFT platform, you would be overwhelmed with the constant flow of thousands of new collections. it is easy to get confused while researching about the upcoming collection. There is a lot of confusion surrounding which NFTs to choose for collecting and for the purpose of investing.

Whether you are confused about the artistic quality of a particular NFT or if you are trying to find out if a community is real or hyped up, this platform will help you with all you need. It addresses all of your following concerns. 

  • Is the NFT project backed by a team? 
  • Do they have any long-term road map? 
  • Has the collection been built on or has the idea been stolen from previous collections’ success? 
  • How do you identify a rug pull in time? 

At, you can find a curated collection of the most promising launches. The platform includes launches that they are 99 percent sure would perform well post-launch. They evaluate each project based on a set number of criteria that are relevant for the success of any NFT project. 

NFT Scout mentions projects on their site after meticulously evaluating them through a list of the most important criteria while deciding whether to buy in a project or pass on it. Each project on this platform is evaluated based on 

  • Art quality 
  • Roadmap
  • Utility and 
  • Marketing

An average score is then evaluated for each project which constitutes the HypeMeter. The score provides quick information that would have otherwise taken hours to get you through on your own. This makes is one of the best and the easiest ways to find the best NFT launches.

NFT Cast 

Are you on a hunt to find the best NFTs that are being talked about? NFT Cast is a curation of the latest NFT launches. You can find new launches every day and find fungible tokens everybody is talking about.  

NFT Scoring

NFT Scoring is a platform that tracks and analyses all NFT projects. It is a great tool for market research and helps you locate new promising projects in the pipeline. 

Find top NFT drops before anyone else 

You need to access the Drops page to look for projects that are minting soon and have shown positive metrics. Each project receives a community score based on its involvement, size, and healthy growth. It also penalizes projects that attract a large number of bots. The projects with the highest community score find a place at the top of the list.

Use a combination of metrics for locating the top NFT projects

If you are keen on identifying the best NFT projects to mint, then the best thing to do would be to find a combination of 2-3 metrics and see what projects are topping the charts in these categories.  


This is a daily newsletter delivering a community-curated list of the latest and the best NFT drops. The platform makes it easier for you to stay up-to-date with the latest NFT drops. Using the platform is quite easy and simple.      

Handpicked NFTs

The NFT market is full of noise. This website is based on the needs of NFT collectors. The curation seems more like a survival tool making it easier to sift through the sea of NFTs being launched every other day. The best thing is that the platform can be used for free. 

NFT Explorer

This is a fun and easy way to browse every NFT that has been based on the Solana network. You can check the details of each NFT and also keep a tab on the transaction history. You will soon be able to make an offer through this platform.

This is a collection of 365 NFTs on Ethereum: one for each Gregorian Calendar. The owner receives a special privilege of naming the day but that ownership is subject to the Harberger Tax. This is the first calendar in the NFT universe. It covers the most exciting events, eye-catching drops, high-profile releases, and more that keep the wheels of the NFT industry turning.  

It features both well-known and fledgling artists’ releases who drop their single pieces or collections on various platforms and marketplaces. The mission of this calendar is to support the creators and contribute to their development in the crypto art field. This is the reason why any creator can add their NFT drop or event to the Calendar for free.  

There is also a knowledgeable base on the platform where the beginners can clarify a lot about promoting, selling, and minting their non-fungible tokens. Besides, the team also keeps a tab on everything that is happening in the industry and covers the current news so that the community can stay updated.  


The NFTea Discord bot curates the cleanest NFT collections iteratively. It also enables endless searching of assets from those collections. The thing with this platform is that it features only quality stuff. It is a collection of about 42069 unique digital artworks created by the greatest artists of all time including Vincent Van Gogh, Michelangelo, and Leonardo da Vinci.

The work is also realized by deep learning AI reproduction and has been recognized as the next generative ART standard. Everybody has the chance to participate in these collaborative NFT art projects with the greatest artists of all time.   

In summary 

Though there is a lot of chaos in the NFT world as of now, you can use the best NFT calendar to identify which token you need to invest in. these will help you identify the best NFTs based on various metrics. We have listed the best options available currently. You can check them out and find the one which would help you locate the top NFTs that have gained much attention and can are worth investing in.