Great Examples of High-Quality Lawyer Websites

Great examples of high-quality lawyer websites are sometimes hard to find. Being the very best is one thing but having an outstanding website to support that fact is another aspect that several lawyer companies struggle to master. In this article, you will find plenty of useful information regarding how you can create such website. Let’s get right into it with our greatest example of a high-quality lawyer website and let us walk you through the reason why we picked this exact website.

The ideal design of a lawyer website

There are several great websites from various lawyer companies out there, but we have chosen one that is easy to understand, simple to walk through, and fulfils the high-quality criteria that we have set up for this article. This lawyer company is a great website to take inspiration from when you want to design a professional and great looking high-quality lawyer website.

By taking it from the top, you are exposed to a transparent header which in other words makes the background on the header invisible. This creates a nice and clean design that integrates with the background image on the front page. When scrolling down the website, you will notice that the header moves away to give you more space to read the information. With a light up-scroll, the header reveals again, and you can continue navigating through the website. Another element is the colours. The colour scheme is simple and sticks to colours that are very close in the contrast. The entire layout is simple, nice, and clean but gets the job done.

Technicalities of the website

When aiming to create an outstanding design, the more technical heavy stuff must also be fulfilled. An SEO-optimised theme is critical if you want to be competitive on the market. That is why keeping an eye out for light and efficient themes is highly recommended from our end. For more inspiration, check out our recommended theme; “Business Builder” here at